Business Essentials for Heart Centered Entrepreneurs

If you are ready to manifest your equine dreams, Let’s get started!!

ONLINE / ON DEMAND Beginning May 3rd!!

Save $500 with the Early Bird Investment of $497 until April 15th!!

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Save $500 with the Early Bird Investment of $497
until April 15th!

Equine Inspired Business Owners of the Future...

Launching or growing a business can be a full time job all on its own, then you still have the workshops, coaching and other services to deliver and many of you also have the care of horses and barn management to factor in to the mix.

You need a system that won’t break the bank or your brain! We all want to spend more time with our horses and clients and less time drumming up business.

But, let’s face it… there are aspects to owning your own business that just are not going to get done by themselves and if you’re the chief, cook and the bottle washer, Ill then you need a way to make every investment and action count.

Business Essentials for Heart Centered Entrepreneurs is created for the equine assisted practitioner specifically...but works for all businesses! EARLY BIRD PRICING UNTIL APRIL 15th!

This course comes with an extensive workbook
along with multiple resources!! (I've been doing this for over 20 years!!)

Here’s What You’ll Learn...

The Four Essential Pillars of a thriving, authentic, 6 figure Business Foundation

~Creating the Container for your Success
~Discovering your Authentic Self and Brand
~The Money Spot - Your Perfect Herd
~Your Personal Wealth Formula

How to Create the Container for Your Success

~ Use Your Entire Body as a Source of Intelligence
~ Learn the Language of Emotions
~ Prepare the Physical Body
~ Empty the Cup Before you Fill the Cup
~ Self-forgiveness

Discover and Develop your Authentic Self and Brand

~ Embrace the unique beauty of imperfections
~ The part of you that is uniquely YOU
~ The WHY of your business
~ A reflection of who you can best serve is imbued in every part of your business.

The Money Spot - Your Perfect Herd

~ Integration of what you do with what your herd needs and wants!

Your Personal Wealth Formula

~ What to offer and how to meet your herd's needs while creating abundance for while meeting yours!

Ready to manifest your equine dreams?

People of have been asking me for years to do this course. Now is your chance to join in what will be an event that brings together all my years of education and experience!!

And..until April 15th, you can join and save $500!

Register now for this one of kind transformational business class to help you become the successful Equine Professional you always wanted to be!


Words of praise from those who have worked with Lisa Murrell


Biz-Essentials has empowered me
with exactly what I needed


Lisa Murrell truly captures the joy of experiencing and applying the “Business” components of my business with her gifts, wisdom and practical discernment unique to me and each participant, as well as the value I received from other participants. Biz-Essentials has empowered me with exactly what I needed. 

I love who I am becoming through my personal work with you.  Thank you so much for all of your guidance.

Shawn Landrum
Equine Alchemy Coaching Graduate


" ...I had a real awakening…"

POWERFUL, UPLIFTING and providing CLEAR GUIDANCE on my authentic brand … Lisa is able to create a warm ambiance and enthusiastic connections for the group to progress on each person’s unique business proposition.

Lisa truly ‘walks the talk’ and I’m very fortunate & excited to continue the work with her!

Tarja Vartiainen
Tarja Vartiainen Consulting

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Who's this class for?

This virtual class is designed for those of us who love our work and are looking to create a thriving business from their Equine Assisted Learning skills. Individuals attending this experience are ready to do the work necessary to build a foundation for success to start getting results.

What's the time commitment?

The class itself is 2 full non-consecutive days, broken into two 3 hour sessions on each day with 25 minute breaks. When you sign up for the training, you'll also gain lifetime access to all the downloadable resources and recorded video trainings. This way, you can revisit the program at your own pace and as needed.

Am I guaranteed a 6 figure business?

While I'd love to be able to guarantee this success, I'm no fortune teller. What I can guarantee is that you'll be given the tools, techniques, and support you need to clarify what you want, articulate your worth, and strategically build your business--IF you do the work!. 

Do you offer 1:1 Coaching?

YES! I recommend first taking my free virtual group class—most attendees get a lot of value from it. From there we can identify your short or long-term goals and work towards achieving them together.

About Lisa...

International Coach Federation Equine Assisted,
Executive and Team Coach and Author

A pioneer of the Equine Assisted Coaching industry, Lisa embodies the vulnerability and courage to step into transformation. She is doing what she loves and lives her best life. Now, Lisa wants to help you live yours through sharing the best practices that support her 6-figure business!

Build the life and business you love..

Register now for this one of kind transformational business class to help you become the successful Equine Professional you always wanted to be!